Bickleton Evangelical Church

*** Illness ***  


***** Bereavement *****



Prayer Requests can be sent to the Deacons at:  [email protected]


Prayer envelops can also be found in the pews. If you have a prayer request, you may put the envelope in the offering plate and it will be delivered to the Deacons.




Brian Tuor (894-4610), Charlotte Williams (896-2781), Regina Roberts (896-5596)                                                                                          


Prayer for the ill will remain on the list until recovery.

Bereavement prayer requests will be listed for 2 months.


Missions the BECC Currently Supports....Please join us as we cover them in prayer.  


1. Samaritan's Purse

2. Jeri Adair - Guachachi, Mexico

3. Pastor Antonio Hemandez Hemandez

4. Bruce & Cindy McMartin, Senegal

5. Union Gospel Mission, Yakima

6. Birthright, Sunnyside

7. Life Options, Grandview

8. Sacred Road Ministries, White Swan, Yakima Nation

9. Frontiers in Malaysia

10. Katelynn Clinton, Resonate Church Ministry